Registration and Benefits


Registration, Benefits and Termination of ICL Memberships

1. Registration of ICL memberships

  • The conditions of ICL members are to support the objectives of ICL intellectually, practically and financially. Membership is for a minimum period of two years. 
  • Potential organizations have to fill and submit the membership registration to the ICL secretariat and credit the annual membership fee to ICL bank account.
  • When the conditions of ICL members and the receipt of the membership fee will be confirmed, the membership of the organization will be approved by the secretariat. The formal approval will be confirmed at the next session of the Board of Representatives of ICL.

2. Financial due and Benefits of ICL members

  • The amount of ICL membership fee will be changed from 500 USD to 5,000 USD/year in proportion to the latest GNI/capita anuually issued by the World Bank.
  • Logo and URL of ICL member organizations and names of the board members and alternative board members are uploaded in ICL-IPL WEB. ICL members are printed in all issues of Landslides. Board members of ICL from developed countries with the full membership fee (3,000-5, 000 USD/year) is listed as a member of the Editorial Board at A4 – A5 pages (front pages) of each issue of Landslides.
  • ICL member has the following rights
  1. To participate and vote in the Board of Representatives of ICL which has full power for the management of the affairs of the consortium and also to participate and vote in the IPL Global Promotion Committee as voting members.
  2. To propose a project for the International Programme on Landslides (IPL) in the annual meeting IPL Global Promotion Committee.
  3. To apply for the World Centre of Excellence on Landslide Risk Reduction (WCoE) to be identified at the Triennial World Landslide Forum.
  4. To propose the regional and thematic networks of ICL
  5. To re­ceive 1-5 hard copies of the ICL journal Landslides and 1-3 access rights to the web version of the journal (from Vol.1, No.1 in 2004 to the latest issue) with Token.
  6. To contribute an article reporting or announcing the research, meeting and other activities to the category of ICL/IPL activities in Landslides.

3. Termination of IPL projects, WCOEs and Networks

  • Each leader of IPL projects, WCOEs and Reginal/Thematic networks has to submit the annual report to IPL Network Committee and upload its report in IPL Web.
  • When annual reports will not be submitted for two years, the ongoing status will be terminated.

4. Termination of ICL memberships.

  • Annual membership fee must be paid by 30 March every year.
  • When failing to credit the annual membership fee, all rights of 1)-6) will be lost.
  • When failing to pay the membership fee for two years, the membership will be automatically terminated. Then, the member’s name will be cancelled from ICL-IPL Web and Journal Landslides. If it has an ongoing IPL project and a thematic/regional network will be cancelled.